Our healthcare client was facing a challenge in defining patient medication parameters efficiently due to the nature of complex healthcare data and the complicated definition of each parameter in EHR data.


We offered a specialized team who thoroughly understood the client's need, the nature of healthcare data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our team employed AI technologies to help identify medication parameters using a wide variety of criteria as per requirements from the client. The specialized team of data scientists and data analytics also identified trends and patterns in patient data and possible issues. It provided insights to clients to improve healthcare outcomes and easy decision-making.


Our AI solution offers a robust model that can handle a wide variety of data to define medication parameters consistently, effectively, and efficiently, which can save a lot of time for clients.


To identify trends and patterns in medication adherence.


Our data scientist team used various ML, and AI techniques to identify broader trends and patterns in medication adherence across different patient populations, which helped in the development of more effective interventions and support systems. Machine learning algorithms identify factors that are associated with poor adherence.


Our team delivered the project efficiently and on time with a quality, robust model that can work effectively for the client to define medication parameters.