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Retail banking classification models

Now days the retail banking is one of the important business in banking sector, to improve the customer base, retain the existing customer, improve the banking revenue by offering different product to customer.Today's world is digital, data is raising like population and you have to identify different customer in term of market opportunity, their risk and profit for bank.Of co read more..
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Key of Developing R Code: Batch Forecasting

Forecasting is a common technique used in several companies to make predictions for the future. There are multiple methods of forecasting such as time series forecasting, multivariate forecasting, etc. In each of these methods there are techniques such as Moving Average (MA), ARIMA, ARMA, ARCH, GARCH, etc.There are several packages and algorithms available for forecasting in every d read more..
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R Package dplyr Comparison of functions

In R, you can accomplish the same task in different ways.This R document explains functions from R package--dplyr and in some places compares those functions with base functions.   # import dplyr library# we are going to work with R in built dataset airqualitylibrary(dplyr)head(airquality)   read more..
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Analytics Careers with SAS & R - Part 2

It's been a month and what a month it has been! The new year is here already! One wonders where all the time has gone! I hope you also wonder on how far you have come in the process of learning and equipping yourself towards a successful career and life and take pride in it! This 'present' day's effort will grant you the 'gift' of future!When we last communicated, we spoke of where read more..
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Analytics careers using SAS and R : Part-1

Wikipedia describes Analytics as "the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data." This comes in handy especially in areas rich with recorded information. Every day companies all over the world collect data about their customers and industries, simply as a routine activity during business transactions.World-class firms use this collected data and leverage on analytic read more..
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What the hottest topic in today's business world? Data! What does every business need in order to analyze trends and make informed decisions? Data! On what basis are key policies framed that can make or break our modern world? Data again! Sounds interesting?! Imagine being involved in data analysis at some level and enabling businesses make such key decisions... if this is something you would l read more..
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