Over the last 14 years, we have been supporting large IT integrator's and direct retail clients, not necessarily MSP's. Only in the last 18 months have we made a business decision to focus our efforts on partnering with MSP's.

In this relatively short period of time, we have been added to over 13 programs with a healthy pipeline of new opportunities! Here are 7 things that have helped us become a true partner.

1. We are built to be successful working with MSP's. Unlike many staffing companies, working with MSP's is not a secondary revenue stream for us, it is our primary focus. Our internal processes, cost structure and support systems have been designed to maximize the relationship with MSP's. This is a business decision and we are all in!

2. Rules of engagement. We understand, respect and follow the rules of engagement. This includes being 100% compliant and operating with the highest level of business & professional ethics.

3. Treating our employees/consultants fairly. Retention is a concern for all employers and clients. We recognize this and make sure that it doesn't become an issue. We pay our consultants very well, offer good benefits and free training. We have an Employee Relations department that speaks with every consultant on a regular basis to better understand what their long term career goals are.

4. We will only go after programs that we know we will be successful on. Why get on a program that you can't support? Makes absolutely no sense. We are an extension of the MSP...so if we are not successful, they won't be. Our goal is to support the program and make placements, not to just get on the program.

5. Each program is a unique client. We view each program as a unique client and set up an Account Management & Delivery team that is focused on them. We are proactive in our recruiting and able to be more responsive.

6. Expanded our service offerings. We have expanded our services offerings to help fully support our clients pain-points (only in the categories that we are good at). Professional services & skilled light industrial.

7. We scorecard ourselves! We review our performance daily. That's right, daily. If needed, we are critical of our performance and re-evaluate our process for improvement.

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