When you intend on getting a job or changing jobs, ask yourself: "What would a hiring manager look for in an ideal candidate? Is it just a prerequisite for education?'. It is certainly not only schooling, but also specific skills that is essential to a recruiter. In the event of lateral recruiting, skills become even more relevant. Therefore, certifications in your field are often relevant and adds value. Certification acknowledges integrity, reflects commitment to the profession and leads to job growth. For an analyst in the field of data science / analytics, this is very important.

Since there are several businesses that are looking for skilled professionals such as SAS know-how. The benefits of SAS certification are as follows:

1. Proof of know-how:
Certification is proof of your abilities. Since then, SAS rules the industry and it definitely helps you get a job to get SAS certification. The banks and other MNCs are mainly analytical and data mining.

2. Experience of enhanced and complex learning:
The training process for the SAS exam strengthens your abilities and your experience. You may use only minimal SAS features during your day-to-day job. SAS test preparation gives you a complete experience with all of the tool's features and ability.

3. Credential:
You also get a digital badge to register your achievement when you win an SAS credential. Sure, the SAS credential underlines your resume. This helps to distinguish people who claim to know SAS from people who do. Most candidates read the basics superficially during interviews and pretend to know the method. Occasionally they can crack the interview, but they cannot perform while they are in work. Certification allows recruiters to make sure they know SAS personally.

4. Get to learn how you earn:
The SAS qualification will increase your income in your current sector without even paying a classroom fee. Having your domain certified helps you to gain experience in your sector while working for a better prospect of growth. Business Analyst professionals can move ahead in their careers while in their current employment.

5. Know the fundamentals of data mining:
SAS Certification lets you create basics such as query and analyse databases, import and export raw data files, manipulate data, combine SAS data sets with report creation. It provides the best information needed to begin an analysis career.

6. Concentrating on the daily Job:
Another benefit of SAS is that it focuses on research very much on its curriculum. Contrary to several other qualifications often aimed at students, SAS qualifications concentrate on the criteria of the workforce. And, you can work with this credential. Of this very reason, SAS has become well-known as role-based learning rather than knowledge-based learning.

7. Well-structured curriculum:
Some of the most formal and reliable learning process is SAS qualification. Qualification. It includes-
To know the fundamentals of syntax.
Build internal data, read, and write external files
Preparation, collection, and manipulation of data
Data, syntax, and programming errors can be detected and corrected.
Using SAS procedures to construct simple information and overview reports.

8. Certificate versioned without expiry:
SAS has now approved versioned credentials to be issued. The certification will clearly display version 8 if you are accredited in SAS 8. It also ensures that it accurately expresses the knowledge that the applicant was tested and qualified with new skills and enhancements added to the newer version. In fact, the credential is not revoked. It is always valid!

9. Recognized internationally:
The global acceptance of SAS qualification credentials. Over 1 Lakh accredited person is present in more than 120 countries worldwide. Business organisations, scholars, and educational institutions respect SAS Qualification qualifications. SAS also offers decent student and academic discounts. It has ensured the qualification and recognition of a wide variety of individuals.

10. Get started with free certification prep materials
There is no need to feel like you are on your own throughout the certification journey. There's plenty of free training resources, including defined training paths, webinars, tutorials and sample questions that will make preparing for a certification exam more accessible and less stressful. There are free practice exams for some of the most popular exams, so you can test your knowledge before you book your exam spot, too.

1. It strengthens the SAS skills and know-how so that the sector can recognise them.
2. It increases the power of your reasoning and encourages insight and study.
3. You are favoured by prospective employers if you are a new aspirant with SAS certification.
4. The increasing awareness that data analysis is important in the industry has created a huge demand on the job market for skilled SAS-certified professionals.
5. It increases your credibility in the eyes of your employer as they see you as a professional committed towards career growth.
6. Freshers will get impressive pay packages, with SAS certification courses providing guaranteed job development to working professionals.
7. Since SAS experts are on global demand, you can apply for a job in many locations all around the globe.
8. You should never leave previously established data formats, such as Oracle or DB2, while learning SAS.
9. To share information and ideas, you can easily connect to the global network of SAS experts and users.

1. SAS A00-231 Exam Details:

Exam Name - SAS Certified Specialist - Base Programming Using SAS 9.4
Exam Code - A00-231
Exam Duration - 135 minutes
Exam Questions - 40-45
Passing Score - 725 / 1000
Exam Price - $180 (USD)
Books - https://www.sas.com/storefront/aux/en/certsppg/72102_excerpt.pdf

Exam Registration
and details https://www.sas.com/en_in/certification/credentials/foundation-tools/base-programming-specialist.html

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