Being able to present in the workplace is essential to success. It is not just related to ones look, attire, etc. it includes your posture, gestures, tonal language, communication skills even the way you walk.

Sometimes they are your first chance where you can impress your boss and colleagues. There are 5 Ps of presentation which can make you successful presenter: -


You always have a reason for travelling outside of your area, whether it's to spend time with loved ones, get away, or just for fun. Like that, it is crucial to establish the goal of your presentation. Make a presentation for yourself that meets a need in the real world. A purpose that, at the conclusion, gives your audience food for thought. A target that involves getting your audience to understand, believe, or do something as a result of your presentation. In one word, describe this objective clearly. Nothing more, Keep it succinct but direct.

  • PLAN

You arrange the destination, the activities, the mode of transportation, etc. before taking a vacation. The same goes for corporate presentations, where preparation is essential. As the extremely well-known Pablo Picasso once observed, "A plan is the only way to get us where we want to go. There is only one way to achieve success. Planning lets you respond to any questions that are asked during the presentation, which will shorten the time needed for subsequent discussions.


Continuing the preceding example, you start your trip preparations by making reservations, checking them, purchasing, and so forth. In other words, the presentation needs to be ready before it is delivered to your audience. The ideal way to get ready is to divide your subject into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Both the presenter and the audience will understand it more easily as a result.


After all the planning and preparations now you are all set to go for the trip as well as the presentation. While giving the presentation take care of the following things:

  • Align words, tone, and body language
  • Use sensory language
  • Use Pops and visual aids
  • After the presentation, make sure you have a interactive Q&A with your audience.

Whether the topic is vacation or the presentation you delivered at work, talks must take place at the end. You advance and learn from each circumstance. Consider getting incremental feedbacks to ensure that your subsequent presentations are more enjoyable and successful. For eg: - The audience can be questioned on topics like:

  • What were the main points of attraction?
  • Where it went off track?
  • Which are the points be improved?

and so on, such feedbacks will help you to polish your skills.

You can accomplish success early on by adhering to and putting these extremely crucial P's of presenting into practice daily.


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