Skill Sets Required To Be a Data Scientist
Data scientists are big analyzers of data. Their works revolve around gathering and analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data with the help of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. As defined by Josh Wills "A data scientist is someone who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician".
Pursuing a career in data science brings a lot of opportunities, and here are some of the skill sets that are required to be a data scientist.
Undergraduate Degree
The first skill that is required to become a data scientist is an undergraduate degree in data science or closely related fields like mathematics, statistics, or computer science. A degree in data science or related fields will help you grab the job opportunities as the recruiters always consider hiring candidates who have deep knowledge of data science.
Good Knowledge of Parallel Fields
The second skill that is important to pursue a career in data science is a good knowledge of Data Visualization and Reporting, Risk Analysis, Statistical analysis & Math, and Research. A good understanding and knowledge of these subjects will enhance your decision-making abilities and make you a better data scientist.
Great Communication Skills
The third skill that is required to progress in fields related to data science is good communication skills, as being a good communicator will help you deal with things in a better way. As a data scientist, it is your job to make the data easy to understand for anyone and you can make it possible by creating a good storyline with the help of communication skills. Communication skills will help you present your ideas effectively in a transparent way and manage the perception of the team. And if you check the recent hiring trends, you will find that companies are looking for data scientists who are fluent in conveying the highly technical data to non-technical team members fluently.
Ability to Work in a Team
As a data scientist, you cannot work alone. You will have to work with a team to develop strategies, collaborate with product managers, and work with software developers to create new things. As a data scientist, you will be directly or indirectly working with hundreds of people at a time. If you are not good at working with a team them recruiters might not be sure about hiring you.
Good Understanding of the Industry
As a data scientist, you must have a good understanding of the industry you are working in. If you have a good understanding of the industry model then you will be quick making decisions, understanding the problems, and delivering solutions. A good understanding of the insights of the industry with make you work in the right direction smoothly.

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