I've been working with MSPs as a supplier for over 20 years. As a partner to some of the largest MSP programs in the country along with smaller more regionally focused ones, I understand the need for Rules of Engagement (ROE). At the end of the day, it benefits the client, the MSP and the suppliers.

Why ROE are important and how they benefit all of us.

ROE helps foster a more efficient process: For those that have been in the industry as long as I have, I'm sure you can remember how it used to be, selling contingent staffing was the Wild West! Those were certainly fun days, but not an efficient manner in which to fill job orders, especially as the hiring of contingent staffing grew.

Levels the playing field: By following ROE, you have access to all the jobs and are assured that the jobs you work on are budgeted. More often than not, you get a detailed job description and receive it at the same time that everyone else does. That just didn't happen in the 'old-days.'

Fair pricing: ROE doesn't just speak to direct contact with hiring managers. It addresses topics like compliance, billing, on-boarding and of course, pricing. Pricing is usually mark-up or rate card based. In exchange for a guaranteed opportunity with limited competition at filling a role, you need to be in a range with your competitors. This is what we signed up for. If you feel that the mark up or rate card doesn't work in your business model, you should not be in that program. The benefits to the client is obvious; better rates based on volume and competition.

Compliance: The compliance piece of the ROE is protection for all of us. It addresses co-employment, on-boarding, validation, insurance requirements duplicates submittals, etc.

As suppliers, we are an extension of the MSP. It's a partnership, their success is our success. Following the ROE makes everything clear with no ambiguity. Keeps the playing field level and creates healthy competition.

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