"I applied to 78 jobs on linkedin, online job boards, referrals etc in last 3 months with 0 interviews or offers" - One of my friends who got laid-off due to the ongoing pandemic.

That is a statement which many recruiters might have encountered since the onset of COVID-19. With millions in the job market due to mass-lay-offs, disturbed economy and companies moving to work-from-home arrangements to fight this off; It has become pertinent for job seekers to look for different job-hunting strategies.

The job market has changed dramatically in a very short period and thus most of the old age techniques are not helping individuals to land a job.

Let us investigate one of the strategies that is proven scientifically and in practice:

Weak Ties

In 1970 Mark Granovetter presented a groundbreaking research which remains relevant in today's job market despite changes in roles and recruiting process. Granovetter found that most jobs are found through personal contacts and not by directly applying to jobs through linkedin or job boards.
Jobseekers get more information about a role with this method and can also provide better input to the process. And based on my experience in Talent Acquisition, I am sure that employers also prefer this method as it gives them a sense of trust.
In a 2018 survey of more than 1,000 companies by the talent management software firm Silkroad, 78% of the more than 320,000 hires the firms made were "offline" meaning that the candidate came from somewhere other than a career site.

Whom to connect???

Granovetter also found that job seekers where more successful with contacts which were not too personal like current bosses, friends and family but those with whom you might have less exposure to or someone with whom you have not spoken since long.

The potential contacts in this case can be:

• Ex-bosses
• Managers of teams, you have collaborated with previously.
• Ex-Colleagues
• HR Professionals from previous organizations
• Clients you have worked in past

How to connect???

• Brainstorm your contact list and it should have minimum 50 contacts on it.
• Now I would like you to rank them in descending order based on following parameters:
• Degree of possibilities (Contacts designation or role in an organization, possible openings at their organization etc)
• How likely they are to help you?
• Now its time to reach them:
• Cold messages never cut it out. So, it is always helpful to reach out to someone on linkedin or email first and check on them.
• Goal of the exercise is to setup a call. On the call you can explain them about your job search and explain about the roles you're looking for or sell your skills.

Job search is an exhausting process, specially for someone who has not searched for a job since long. Its important to understand that things will change but will also need your consistent effort and keep yourself motivated.

Happy Hunting!!!

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