What is salesforce?
It is a software as a service company that basically started with customer relationship managements (CRM) applications. It is now, however, a platform and is used for several purposes such as sales and service automation, custom applications, partner applications etcetera. Marc Benioff, the creator of salesforce, once said ''One idea alone is a tactic, but if it can be executed a number of different ways, it becomes a great strategy'', and that is exactly what the base of salesforce was built on. Salesforce users do not need to have any infrastructure set up, they need to login to the salesforce website and the company takes care of all the server infrastructure and all other settings required to run the application and yet, the users have complete freedom to customize and use the application at their convenience.

What is CRM?
When we say salesforce started off as an application for customer relationship management, what exactly does it do? Customer relationship management, as the name suggests, is a systematic manner to manage a set of customers of an organization, to improve sales, retain customers, improve churning rate and also to reduce losses. As a simple example, it is very injurious to a company if the same customer has been contacted by multiple sales teams for the same product. A properly executed CRM system would assign each customer to an individual team so as to avoid the aforementioned situation.

Salesforce editions:
Salesforce has 4 major editions or versions, which are as follows:
Lightning Essential
Lightning Professional
Lightning Enterprise
Lightning Unlimited

Each version is available at a monthly payment basis.
There is also a developer's edition, which is very much like the enterprise edition.

The essential edition is the base version which is built for basic CRM purposes and is a 5-user license.
The professional edition has the same functionalities as the essential edition, except that it has no limited number of users.
The enterprise edition has several customizations where users can create in house applications using salesforce functions and can also use other public applications developed by other users.

The unlimited edition has every possible functionality developed by salesforce along with consistent support from the Salesforce support team.

This was a basic introductory overview on salesforce and its uses and editions, we will talk about further details in the blogs to come.As a parting note, Salesforce uses a 1-1-1 model, which means it donates 1% of its people, 1% of its technology and 1% of its resources to non-profit organizations and have several other facilities aimed to help non-profit organizations.

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