Annie was back to their home from office in early afternoon in Florida, for celebrating her 2nd Marriage Anniversary, She prepared all the best possible dishes that Mike liked, And also decorated the ambiance of the house as much lovable she can make it and went to take some rest. Now tickling the Clock @ 5 pm, she was expecting mike to be at home, but he called her and said that there was tornado in the city and roads & transportation were blocked across various Routes. Suddenly she could see out from her window 5 hungry alligators in their courtyard wandering out from the nearby lake Cypress and also saw a huge tornado coming far from there house there were thunderstorms & lightings as well. she was about to switch her Television to gather some news & to her abundant adversity there was a emergency power cut, then phone signals dint worked and there was no 991 help, she was searching for the old candles but there was complete darkness in the house & was unable to go outside for any help. So, she tried to move herself to upper story of her house to safeguard herself but She slipped on staircase having broken her leg. I believe it was enough of tragic situation one can go around. but trust me our History has gone more tragic situations than one we saw.

Let's try to align this Situation to our Topic, whereas you can see couple of security problems faced by Annie in the above Incident, we can differentiate or categorize them into 2 different security problems

1st category: We can see Annie's is facing Problem like her phone stopped working, a power cut , no access to television or no 911 help, darkness in her home, or not able to find candles in her home at right time , & breaking her leg as well. If you try to see or search something common in their Vulnerability or Risk that were associated to the scene, they were all taking place inside a House or Inside an organization , Similarly all securities which needed to be tackled arising in an organization or internal factors can be taken care by preventive measure of Information Security.

2nd category: we can see Annie's is facing problem like a huge tornado, thunderstorms, lightings, 5 alligators Roaming in her courtyard. Here also if you see something common in Attack or Threat that were associated to the scene, were all taking place from outside the House. Understanding in regular terms taking into consideration of factors that are affecting a home or Organization from External factors like a Malicious Digital information or Strong Attacking Digital inputs breaking into organization that are beyond control of the organization such External factors can be taken care by preventive measure of Cyber Security

Information & Cyber security are often interchangeable words So, understanding on the factors of Vulnerability, Risk, Threat, & Attack that can be expected, from an internal or external factor for the Customer, utilizing right securities methods respectively can be helpful to Protect and Avoid a Fatal, Unpleasant, Uncompromising and Financial Loss to your Organization & their Customers.

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