What is SAS-
Statistical Analysis Systems is the complete form of SAS. SAS is a versatile language for programming. The language elements are called procedures. The processes perform different things, such as different forms of analysis, functions of data management, and generate various types of output for text-based and graphical presentation.
There are the following uses for the SAS language and its procedures:
•In both internal and external databases, access info.
•Using different methods to handle data editing, retrieval, encoding, and conversions.
•Tools such as forecasting & modelling, descriptive statistics, multivariate methods, and linear programming are used.
•Present the performance information in different formats, such as papers, statistical graphs, etc.

SAS Programming 's Top 7 Features-
Good expertise for data processing
The first SAS function is that, as discussed below, SAS Programming has a potential for strong data analysis.
• It's like a complete package for data analysis streams. The acumen of its analysis ranges from simple statistics to an advanced level. For example, to compute a correlation between complex SAS data sets, it plots bar graphs from the given data.
• The best thing about SAS is the libraries that are built-in. These provide all of the necessary packages necessary for data analysis and reporting.
Flexible Programming Language of 4 Generations (4GL)
The main feature of SAS is that it is a programming language with 4GL.
• Easy-to - learn SAS syntax. The code is like a declaration. Such declarations serve as simple and succinct guidelines for the systems.
• With its built-in libraries, SAS has reduced coding for popular applications. It offers an opportunity for our work to be modularized. For non- programming users, it is also user-friendly.
• SAS is a language that is interactive. The log window is like a mirror which continues to instruct the user. It includes error notices and markings.
• It also has DS2, which assists in the manipulation of data. At its position in the database, complex data may be tampered with.

SAS Studio
Among the SAS functions, SAS Studio is special.
• With any web browser, it is easily accessible from any laptop. No client installation is required. All the SAS software libraries and data files can be accessed through any web browser.
• In essence, it is rather instructive. The Autocomplete role prompts us to use different procedures as soon as you start typing. For further guidance, the pop-up syntax and parameter list are shown.
• It also helps to add and build individual snippets of code and add them to the library of snippets.
• We may point to the guides and press it; it directs us at different levels in the research process.

Various Types of Data Format for Support
Another feature of SAS is support for different data formats.
• The language of SAS has the ability to read data from any file type, from any format and even from missing data files.
• SAS offers SQL support. It has an immense character encoding database; the most commonly used languages are completely supported.
• It also preserves the singularity of code, so that SAS works in multiple languages with data.

One of SAS's significant characteristics is SAS Management.
• The SAS environment manager warns, tracks and controls the environment for analytics.
• The extended Java Graphical user interface in the SAS Management Console administers SAS activities.
• One of the essential characteristics of SAS software is SAS management. It has an SAS Environmental Manager who warns, tracks and controls the ecosystem for analytics. In the SAS Management Console, the Expanded Java Graphical User Interface administers SAS functions.
• There are a number of functions in the XML engine, such as importing and exporting XML documents and generating XML maps.
• The Application Response Measurement interface tests different applications and checks for transaction availability.

Report Output Format
• SAS is able to view analytical findings and the number of options for reporting.
• In Base SAS 9.4, high-quality graphics are ODS statistical graphics, ODS Graphics Designer and Editor and so on.
• In a standard format like RTF, PowerPoint, and pdf, we can save and generate reports. They can also be saved as an ebook and an I-book. It offers us the privilege of analytic visuals.
• We can tailor performance according to the clients' hierarchy of needs. The production can be ported to different locations.

Algorithms for Data Encryption
SAS makes sure that the confidentiality of how we grant access remains immaterial. In SAS 9.4, SAS / SECURE is a safety feature. Via different algorithms, we can also encrypt SAS data on discs.
We have studied in this SAS function that SAS programming is a complete package for any kind of statistical work. It also offers service support on all but one of the channels. All those commonly required for review are included in the libraries in the SAS. Its encryption function makes it secure and portable for different devices.

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