Many of the times we all work on niche requirements and it frustrates if you do not get any candidate that fulfills needs of your clients. Most of the time we work on different job portals for e.g. Monster, Dice, Career Builder, etc. But how can we source smartly? For us getting candidate is not important but for us getting right candidate which fulfils client's requirements is important.

There are two methods to source the candidates:
1) Conventional methodology for sourcing
In conventional methodology, we usually source candidates from different job boards for e.g. Dice, Monster or Career Builder.
2) Unconventional methodology of sourcing
In unconventional methodology we find candidates by working on Social networking. The first step in candidates sourcing is to identify relevant candidates for our open positions. However, most of the recruiters are using social networking to identify the right candidate to fulfill their open requirements.

A successful talent sourcing strategy needs a few ingredients:?

Dedicated sourcing resources?
Sourcing expertise and a supporting technology.
But in recruitment only few companies are having their own dedicated sourcing team, who completely focus on training & expertise to source candidates.

A team of sourcing helps a recruiter to search candidates on niche requirements from Web. This means to contact and network extensively and comprehensively with all appropriate profiles, to leverage professional networking sites and sources like Linked In, Indeed, Ladders and Twitter and other social networking sites and sources like Facebook and My Space. Searching these sites and the open web can be difficult and most search strings when written are not well designed resulting in hundreds of results - so the knowledge of how to build the right search string is essential.

Once we gather all the information of the candidate which will include their email id, contact number & current location from web, they will immediately send the database to the Recruitment team and they will be connecting with these candidates. Some of them would not be interested for new opportunities, some will not have the required skills and some will not respond. To close one position, we need to identify and contact around 50 candidates.

The pool of potential candidates is much bigger then passive candidates but we need to identify top talents who would be never sourced from job boards. Through this it will increase talent pipeline and open positions can get closed faster, which significantly reduces the time to hire.
Happy Recruiting...!!

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