1. Retaining Top

In previous years, a person would stay with a company through retirement. This is no longer true. There are many reasons for employees departing current companies and moving to next. These reasons can be better pay, job location, not enjoying their existing work environment etc. The best way to retain your talent is by creating an environment in which they feel important.

2. Recruiting High Skill IT Applicants

As there is a great demand for great IT experts, expert candidates can pick and choose the job and can go where they want, rather than take an offer for a position that may not have all of the benefits as the company across the street. In order to recruit top talent, you need to make sure that you have a company that they want to work in. Ensure that the culture is suited to their needs.

3. Providing Competitive Compensation

This goes hand in hand with number 3.It's rare for an employee to leave a company for a lower-paying job. More often, they'll discuss how George from accounting is making twice as much at his new job. They typically look for a strict dollar amount, not always taking into account the other benefits (like your generous time off policy and your 24/7 gym access) when comparing other companies. Make sure your employees know what benefits are available to them.

4. Cutting Down on Cost-Per-Hire

It's no secret that cost-per-hire can be very, very expensive for companies. There are often times where companies can spend upwards of $5,000 (or more!) just in costs to employ a new hire. These costs range from job postings, to recruiting fees, to time spent in the interview, and cost to train up the new employee.

To help ease some of the financial burdens of hiring a new employee, implement some new policies on hiring. Do preliminary screening of candidates to avoid wasting any time on candidates that don't fit your needs.

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