Are You Ready For Your Webcam Job Interview?

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Are You Ready For Your Webcam Job Interview?
on 08 Nov 2016 14:30 PM
  • Rang Technologies
  • skype interviews

Skype interviews are one of most popular and effective interviews take by major clients nowadays. Its easy and convenient for both employer and employee. You might have never faced such interviews before but you should be prepared enough to impress the interviewers/clients. With good skype interview etiquettes you are likely to get shortlisted faster.

Here are few tips before giving Skype interviews:

  • Strong and fast internet connection: Skype interviews getting common nowadays, make sure that skype is ready for use just before 15-20 minutes of interview. You check your internet connections. If you are using wireless connection make sure that it's a strong connection and doesn't gets stopped in middle of interview because it can be disastrous. Charge your laptop and mobile 100% and enough to avoid any interruptions as you never know how long your interview goes.

  • Be prepared enough for skype interview: This is a real interview like face to face interview, you must practice skype interview before real interview begins this gives you self-confidence as it may be first time you would be facing client/interviewer.

  • Good Lightening: This is very important for you to be focused in front of interviewer/client. Keep lights as much as you can to clear the darkness of your background as if you are sitting across table of hiring manager.

  • Dressing & Clean Shave: We usually make mistakes as we only dress up as per the camera size. Don't think that looking good on top is all you need; you never know when you require to stand up for something required (It can be for any document, any emergency, etc.). Be clean shaved and completely dressed up. Meaning - No tracks, t-shirt, yoga pants and certainly no jeans at all.

  • Make eye contact: Look at web-cam only, not to the little picture on your monitor. Try to maintain eye contact person-to-person interview as if you are sitting on your desk. Try to be relaxed, smile and remember to blink with proper postures and gestures. Avoid being nervous even if you are!

  • Quite environment: During job interviews there should be complete silence as you should only focus on interview. No child noise playing OR screaming, no television and no music. Don't schedule interview in any coffee shops. Make sure there are no interruptions.

  • Front of your Resume: It is helpful that your resume is in front of you for your support as it's hard to memorize all details on resume.

  • Neat and clean background: Make sure that your walls are not filled with poster from your college days and your background should be cleaned enough as it's a first impression to be created on the interviewer.

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