Recruiting and Staffing services has become a paradigm shift of Math and Science both. Recruiters who focus just on finding the resumes from online portals and submitting, usually fails!

Recruiting doesn't come easy, especially nowadays when you are talking about fake experiences, fake resumes, lots of social media and above all interviews and screening process has also become online. After all, you need to offer the best candidates to your clients that can really make a difference!

Before you begin your hunt, it is necessary to talk with the hiring manager and know their expectations. You should know the organization's methodology and their vision of a perfect applicant as a top priority. Make a note of the key abilities required and when you're discussing a role with your candidate, allude back to this note. You should look not only for knowledge but also for candidate's method for working and culture. Ask different questions to dig deeper and let their responses speak for themselves.

A passionate recruiter would know how to apply the Math while screening the candidate to identify all the loop holes in the resume and supporting documents submitted by the candidate.

On the flip side, the Science of advertising the employer and giving the confidence to candidate. Although you want to highlight the necessary skills that the company is after, let your candidates see how great the company is and what they have to offer. Try to hold the candidate's attention. If the company is flexible in certain aspects, let your candidates know!

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