Wikipedia describes Analytics as "the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data." This comes in handy especially in areas rich with recorded information. Every day companies all over the world collect data about their customers and industries, simply as a routine activity during business transactions.

World-class firms use this collected data and leverage on analytics 5 times more than the others to describe, predict, and improve business performance. This kind of analytics is possible with the application of statistics,computer programming and operations research to quantify performance.

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Sounds interesting? Sure it is! Interested in pursuing a career in Analytics? Well, it's definitely not rocket science - anyone can make a career in it with focus, preparation and immense practise. Like any other field, a career in Analytics has some 'must-have' skills. In this case, it is very good programming skills. Now I know you must be wondering where to begin since Programming is such a broad umbrella term! You should know all of the following languages- SAS, R, Python and SQL. Which one to start off with? Well, this is never ending debate. So just pick one of them- if you ask me I would say start with either SAS or R.

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This is not end of it. This is one path, there are several other paths/toos such as Python, Scala etc. You may have to see which is best for you. I know I am not being very specific about resources that you can use. This is deliberate as I would like for you to explore the rest. Good luck guys! Until we next communicate!

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