I have been looking at resumes for years, first as a General Manager handling operations for multinational companies and then more recently in my role of Business Development with Rang Technologies in Recruiting and Staffing industry. Over the years, I've seen executive candidates make many of the same common mistakes over and over again, mistakes that cost them great opportunities, and yet are easily rectified.

I've boiled the list down of most common 4 and I hope it helps you to refine your own resume so that it truly communicates your unique value.

Mistake #1: Unclear title
A solid official resume begins with a headline portraying what you do (e.g. SAS Architect, Sales Executive and so forth). Without this, enrollment specialists have no clue what parts you may be a fit for, and your resume will frequently be disregarded. Best idea is to include your LinkedIn profile. In this day and age, a LinkedIn profile URL is vital. It provides recruiters with more information about you and your career, as well as some insight into your personality.

Mistake #2: Too much information in the summary section
It's regular for official contender to feel that huge words and long sentences are important to pass on rank and gravitas. Truth be told, they simply put a boundary amongst you and the peruser. Rather, utilize basic clear dialect and short punchy sentences.

Mistake #3: Missing keywords
Many resumes are scanned by computers prior to a human ever seeing them. This is especially true of executive recruiters who maintain large databases of candidates, and then scan those databases for keywords when a new opportunity arises. To be found, your resume must contain all the important words and phrases used in your profession or industry.

Mistake #4: Too much focus on job descriptions but NOT being specific about accomplishments
Many executives spend far too much time describing their responsibilities and not enough time talking about what they achieved in the role. As a guide, use either numbers or percentages (choose whichever sounds most impressive) to emphasize the impact you made. For example: "Transformed 10% sales decline into 32% increase in just 15 months".
I hope it helps! If you are ready with a resume and giving your carrier a smarter move with me.

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