Be part of creative environment

Rang Technologies is built of a team of  highly  technical professionals.  Our years of experience in the IT industry have laid a solid foundation to build talent that can perform technically, strategically and effectively. Your IT experience will strengthen that foundation and contribute to the company's future growth.

Be part of employee-centered environment

We at Rang  Technologies  understand  that  employees  are  our  assets.  We  have  engineered  our  organization  to  support every aspect of your work. We offer mentoring programs for existing employees,  which  can be pivotal in the overall happiness and  retention  of the best  talent  within  an  organization.  We  understand  that  technology changes constantly hence we encourage our consultants to go for training in new technologies related to their expertise.

Rang Technologies provides a competitive compensation package to attract and retain exceptional talent. We always welcome resumes from talented individuals. To inquire about a position, please send your resume to