Rang Technologies is uniquely positioned to deliver training programs and build expertise to the new technologies in a cost effective way. We have very well designed training programs ranging from beginner to advanced levels.  We  offer  complete  training  solutions for  individuals  who  are seeking new  career path as well as customized training solutions for corporate clients as per their needs. We have a large number of well  experienced industry professionals who are committed to training, thus Rang Technologies
is poised to deliver training solutions across geographies by experts for various here: to learn more about our domains of expertise. We offer following types of training solutions:

Live Web Classroom Training

  • Join the live classroom right from your personal computer or mobile device
  • Access the latest software via virtual machine
  • Led by an expert instructor with personal attention
  • Discuss questions and answers in real-time
  • Eliminate travel costs

Classroom Training

  • Courses led by domain experts in person
  • Focused learning with well-equipped facility
  • Networking opportunities
  • In-depth training on the latest industry topics

e-Learning Training

  • Learn at your own pace and time
  • Access training materials round the clock
  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Enhance skills in multimedia environment
  • Enjoy comprehensive training with pre-recorded lessons, quizzes and practices

Corporate Training

  • Courses led by domain experts on-site
  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Best for group training
  • Focused on your specific business needs

Rang Technologies
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