Healthcare Analytics

Rang Technologies: Healthcare  delivery is rapidly  transforming due to changes in laws, regulations, and reimbursement mechanisms.  In order to survive and  thrive in this stormy environment, hospitals and healthcare networks are turning to healthcare analytics to convert raw healthcare, clinical and financial data into actionable knowledge they can use to improve performance, care and the bottom line.

Our Healthcare Analytics Solutions include:

  • For Health Insurance:
    Health insurance  providers  have  several  challenges  such  as  pricing their health plan, preventing fraud, optimizing revenues and utilizations. Making right decisions quickly. Our team’s predictive analytics skills help Insurance providers to make data-driven decisions that will allow health plans to adapt to new market situations.
  • For Public Health:
    With the goal  of  improving  healthcare while lowering costs, policy makers are funding programs that encourage the sharing of data and adoption of electronic health records (EHRs).Governmental and non-governmental organizations collect and generate huge amounts of healthcare data. We can demonstrate how and If the money spent is improving the health of people or not. What is the effect and how much is it? Our analytics experts can help identify ways to optimize the costs in healthcare.

   Data We Work With:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Provider
  • Claims
  • Patient
  • Plans
  • EHR
  • Utilization
  • Pricing
  •   Technologies we use:

    • SAS (Base SAS, Advance SAS, Enterprise Miner, Enterprise Guide)
    • SQL (Microsoft SQL, Teradata SQL, Netezza SQL, Redshift SQL)
    • R (R programming, Rattle)
    • Python (Numpy, Scipy)
    • Scala, Spark, Hadoop
    • Interface with databases such as Oracle, Hadoop, Netezza, and Teradata
    • Six Sigma Techniques
    • Process Improvement
    • Lean Management