Data Science and Business Analytics

Rang Technologies data science and business analytics professionals can help obtain valuable and actionable insights from your big data to drive better organizational decision-making and increased performance.

Our data science and business analytics team offer the ability to quickly form your data science team and scale-up big data projects without the upfront capital expenditure of hiring data scientists in-house. We can remove the need for organizations to hire and/or train data scientists, a difficult prospect in today’s market due to a lack of skilled business data science practitioners. Rather, our data scientists can be engaged on a time or fixed fee basis and be responsible for deploying, managing and scaling the data science and business analytics component of your big data projects.

Our professionals can help leverage both internal and external data - as well as structured and unstructured data -to gain competitive advantage and make better decisions.To reach this goal an organization needs access to professional data scientists and new data analytical technologies.

   Benefits of Our Data Science and Business Analytics Solutions

  • Having the knowledge, you need: Our data scientists deliver insightful information in context so decision makers have the right information, where, when and how you need it.
  • Making better, faster decisions: Our data scientists provide decision makers throughout your organization with the interactive, self-service environment needed for exploration and analysis.
  • Optimizing business performance: Our data scientists enable decision makers to easily measure and   monitor financial and   operational ,   business performance, analyze results, predict outcomes and plan for better business results.
  • Uncover new business opportunities: Our data scientists   deliver new insights that help the organization maximize customer and  product profitability,   minimize customer churn, detect fraud and increase campaign effectiveness.