Do you struggle to find what drives you at times? You have this big goal you want to achieve, but for one reason or another you just can’t seem to get yourself motivated. You’re fraught to find the motivation you need to take inspired action towards the significant goal. As a result, your kind of feel as though your life is stagnating. You feel stuck and kind of unable to move forward. Inside though you feel very restless. You know you can achieve this goal, but now you’re just unable to move forward. What to do? Well, there are six amazing ways to get motivated which might help you get released and achieve your goal.



Do you get easily sidetracked throughout the day? Typically, things start off quite well. You’re focused and work quite productively, but at some point, everything just falls apart. Instead of focusing on your work you end up indulging in little distractions and pleasures that keep your brain entertained. It’s the end of the day, and you look back and wonder how on earth you managed to get so little done. This is of course a typical scenario that many of us go through. It’s however not an unavoidable scenario. There are six steps you can follow that will intensely improve your chances of having a productive day.


Few alternatives which will make sound you smarter. Works better if you are already smart.

Have you ever thought about the time when you could see the finish line onto whichever thing you were doing which required verbal skills, but some words were repeated and nothing happened and all was back to start? This will help you speak beautifully. Be it on phone, one-on-one, in group or most significant prospects which are interviews, meetings, recruiting or, whilst pitching a new client.
Here are few ideas on how swap few words from your word bank to be more effective and an intellect. […]

Different methodologies for advance sourcing

Many of the times we all work on niche requirements and it frustrates if you do not get any candidate that fulfills needs of your clients. Most of the time we work on different job portals for e.g. Monster, Dice, Career Builder, etc. But how can we source smartly? For us getting candidate is not important but for us getting right candidate which fulfils client’s requirements is important. […]

Worried for skype interviews?

Skype interviews are one of most popular and effective interviews take by major clients nowadays. Its easy and convenient for both employer and employee. You might have never faced such interviews before but you should be prepared enough to impress the interviewers/clients. With good skype interview etiquettes you are likely to get shortlisted faster. […]

What is a bench sales recruiter?

Definition: A bench marketer or bench sales recruiter is a business/account or selecting individual at a staffing or counseling company that is in responsible of marketing that companies or their sourced consultants, that are not right now taking a shot at undertakings to potential customers or Tier 1 staffing offices that may require them. […]

Email Etiquette

For a long time now, individuals have been foreseeing email’s end. While it’s actual we utilize different types of correspondence like messaging and online networking to “talk” to our companions or send speedy messages to our partners, regardless we utilize email, particularly for business related correspondence. It is likewise the essential method for contact when you are applying for an occupation. It is as essential as ever to know how to compose an expert email. […]

Are you a PASSIONATE Recruiter?

Recruiting and Staffing services has become a paradigm shift of Math and Science both. Recruiters who focus just on finding the resumes from online portals and submitting, usually fails!

Recruiting doesn’t come easy, especially nowadays when you are talking about fake experiences, fake resumes, lots of social media and above all interviews and screening process has also become online. After all, you need to offer the best candidates to your clients that can really make a difference! […]

9 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Recruiters

Linked in profile can turn into your way to create individual recruiter brand character. It is an approach to be found by occupation seekers before meeting you or talking over telephone. In the same manner, you can look for a candidate’s Linked in profile to locate a relevant job seeker to fill in a vacancy at your company. Devoting time to assemble your own image will support reaction and referral proportions and will help you enroll surprisingly better talent. The following are tips to improve your Linked in profile to propel your quest: […]

4 Common Resume Mistakes – You should AVOID!

I have been looking at resumes for years, first as a General Manager handling operations for multinational companies and then more recently in my role of Business Development with Rang Technologies in Recruiting and Staffing industry. Over the years, I’ve seen executive candidates make many of the same common mistakes over and over again, mistakes that cost them great opportunities, and yet are easily rectified.