My Understanding of What does Data science mean?

A multidisciplinary fuse of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to solve analytically complex problems is known as Data science.

Data science is eventually about using this data in creative ways to generate business value.

Data Science is divided into two sub plots.

1. Discovery of data insight which helps quantitative data analysis to help steer strategic business decisions
2. Development of Data product, consists of algorithm solutions in production, opening at scale. For example, recommendation engines. […]

Gradient Descent Using R and Python

My previous blog, I presented syntactical differences and similar functions between R & Python. Now, I want to take it to next level and write some machine learning algorithms using both R and Python. Here, one may use direct functions from the packages available. However, here I am presenting the way to write your own functions for algorithms. In this series, I am starting with Gradient descent algorithm. I briefly explain, what is gradient descent. After that, I apply gradient descent algorithm for a linear regression to identify parameters. For illustration, I simulate data for simple linear regression. […]

R vs Python Function Comparison

We are going to compare Functions exist in both R and Python for same operations. And for this we took the Titanic dataset which contains the Passenger details.
Importing a CSV
Reading Data in both the languages is similar, but the only difference is for python we have to import pandas library for reading the Data. Once the importing is done we can look into the data by applying the below functions. […]

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